Nope, it’s not a typo and we’re not on a break.

We’re big car fans around here and historically a “Shooting Brake” is a coach-built vehicle designed for multiple purposes. Take a two door sports car and tack on a wagon-style rear instead of a tiny trunk.

We’re a lot like that. Fast and fun, but at the same time efficient, commodious and practical.. We’re purpose built and multifunctional.

From project conception to delivery, our small team does it all and in house. Our services include..

  • Content Package Creation (Photography , 360/VR & Videography)

  • Branded Content Series development

  • Small to Mid-Size Production Team

  • In Agency Project Development and Conceptualization

  • In House Editing and Colour

The fact is when you need a trunk-load of content and you need to deliver it fast, you need a Shooting Brake!